Coachella Picks 2015

cochella2015 Several friends have asked me to compile a list of my Coachella 2015 picks to use as a guide at the event. Despite the lackluster response to this year’s lineup, there are lots of fantastic artists in attendance. So here’s my list prioritized by “must see!”

1. Ryan Adamsryan-adams-e1394512423328

Of course Ryan Adams is my top pick. He’s been turning out amazing songs since I was just making my way into adulthood. His songs have been the centerpiece of my life’s soundtrack, but even if you’ve never heard him before I can guarantee that you will enjoy this set.  Adams has always brought a 90s grunge attitude his soulful country stylings. Whatever he does, it’s a pure emotional outpouring and you will be swept away in its vulnerability and power.

2. Toro Y Moitoro-y-moi-anything-in-return-16

With Toro Y Moi you’ll get a subdued dance party vibe. Hang out, close your eyes, and relax as the sonic wave washes over you. At the intersection of 60s groove, and modern electronic sensibility, you’ll be feeling good at this set.

3. FKA Twigs40c33940

It’s been so long since I’ve come across an artist this unique. FKA Twigs caught my eye from the first second I saw her. A true being of creativity, she is a fantastic performance artist with an amazing instrument that she uses to channel her ingenuity and avant-garde style.

4. Chet Faker10323_27306_Chet-Faker-HERO

Smooth and sultry electronic crooning. Chet Faker brings a deep jazz structure to modern beats, synth tracks and samples with his rich vocals all layered together in gorgeous package.

5. St. Vincentst_vincent

I’m so impressed by St. Vincent as a rock star. She has the chilling electronic sharp precision of Talking Heads or Devo, but her femininity shines though in a way that just sinks into your heart and wins you over. Ugh! She’s just a rock goddess. End of sentence.

6. Azealia Banks1416277458_azealiab_banks_pharrell_11_12_2013_35

I love the feisty in-your-face style of Azealia Banks. High energy and lots of fun.

7. Father John Mistyfather-john-misty-2013-cred-emma-garr

Oh dear Lord, I have been swept away this year by Father John Misty. It’s the disco and the folk melding together to make for such a fun time. But more than that it’s the storytelling in the lyrics and the energy that comes though. I think this is gonna be a really fun set to see. Get your hippy freak on and dance around in the sun. xo

8. SBTRKTmaxresdefault

I’ve been a big fan of SBTRKT for a while now. British R&B dance is always intriguing. They expose a whole new world of sounds and collaborate with lots of indie artists.

9. The War On Drugsthe-war-on-drugs-band

I like The War on Drugs for their nostalgic stylings. They possess the ability to transport you in time to a retrospective tunnel that simultaneously makes you long for the past and hunger for the future.

10. Benjamin BookerBenjaminBooker

Benjamin Booker is so badass. I mean he’s like a whiskey soaked incarnation of the sunset strip rock legends. With gravely angst in his voice and a killer mastery of blues-rock guitar, he’ll have you jumping around and going crazy.

11. RACWFfDWeg__400x400

For years RAC has been mixing with different artists to create ethereal electronic pop songs. Feel good, upbeat, and always fun.

12. MØmo

We first saw at School Night in LA and were instantly wowed by her. She commands the stage and surrendered herself to the performance. Strong, powerful vocals on par with Florence and electronic pop backing.

13. Kimbrakimbra_2

Kimbra is one of my favorite female vocalists. Her power and agility are entrancing. She sometimes sounds like a disco queen, at others like a seasoned jazz singer– but with a twist. She’s so much fun and so captivating.

14. Alabama ShakesAlabama Shakes, NME, January 2012

Classic southern rock from a fresh perspective. The Alabama Shakes started in a very traditional blues rock vein and have since began incorporating modern elements which I believe signifies the start of a long, creative career.

15. Glass AnimalsGlassAnimals

I love the psychedelic groove of Glass Animals. Super chill and fun to dance to or just relax.

16. Parquet Courtsparquet-courts

Two parts glam rock, one part grunge, reminiscent of the New York punk scene of the early 70s. Parquet Courts are heavy, hard, and fast. Sure to get your punk rock heart jumping around.

17. Saint MotelsaintMotel

I like the exuberant energy Saint Motel creates. It’s just feel good, fun music and what’s so bad about that? Nothing. Do your thang and go crazy.

18. Jack WhiteMusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Bob Dylan - Show

Oh, Allison will be so disappointed that Jack White is number 18, but what can I say? He’s a total badass and I respect him for what he does for music preservation and his style is so on point.  The quintessential rocker of our generation, and yet I still have him at number 18. Sorry, Jack, you’re gonna have to spill a little more of your soul if you wanna make my top 10, but you’re still pretty cool. we can hang.

19. Tame ImpalaTameImpala

Tame Impala is a pretty chill band with a psychedelic sound. I’m not the biggest fan, but I definitely think they’re worth checking out.

20. Jamestown Revivaljamestown-revival

Sometimes you just need some good old Americana and to relax. Jamestown Revival will give you just that.

21. Angel OlsenAngel Olsen

Angel Olsen has one of those ethereal voices that float on a breeze. I’d imagine this would be a nice set to sit and relax as the warm air kisses your face.

22. Jenny Lewis800px-Jenny_Lewis_at_the_Coachella_Festival

Jenny Lewis, the First Lady of folk-rock. Her lyrics are always fantastic and her style is elusive.

23. Martin Solveig1130799-Martin-Solveig-Tristan-Seguela617-409

Fun dance electronic pop. Always energetic and catchy. Martin Solveig is sure to get you turnt up.

24. ALT-Jimages-4

Kinda goofy college rock, Alt-J sound like a modern version of Violent Femmes at times. Lots of energy and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

25. Angus & Julia StoneAngus-Julia-Stone

Sweet and soft, Angus and Julia Stone sing folk songs with erie harmonies.

26. Gramatikgramatik-video-interview-header

If you like old Big Band era songs and jazz standards remixed to today’s beats, then Gramatik will surly entertain you. I think this is one DJ you could enjoy having never heard him before.   Well that’s all kids! Have fun and stay hydrated. Share you experiences in the comments below.   ladidaTile