Passion Pit

I had a friend–who’s advice on music I’ve since learned to ignore– tell me that Passion Pit was a garbage band with no substance. Considering I was a pretty big fan of his style and taste, I assumed he was right. Big mistake.

On a random day in my favorite hair salon,

I heard this infectious melody that I could not get out of my head.

It was so happy and enthusiastic and vibrantly neon and glittery.

I know this is a strange way to describe music, but when you hear this song– if you haven’t already– you will understand exactly what I mean.

I had no clue as to who it was, where or what I was looking for. But like a madman, I diligently sifted through every electronic song/artist/album I thought possibly could be a match on iTunes.

Then lo and behold– this sparkling gem appeared like an angel descended from heaven… and I almost cried. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. But I swear that’s how I remember it.

So here’s that famous song, If you don’t like it– don’t tell me, I would like to still be your friend. I could probably listen to it 20 times in a row and still love it.

Sleepyhead, (2010).

I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking, and if you ever need positive power, Passion Pit will be your inspiration.

To Kingdom Come, (2010).

The combination of the 80s-style synthesizers, glittery falsetto and rich, layered texture, makes this band an all-around win for me.

Little Secrets , (2010).

If you can get past any initial judgments you might make about the music, you can try to make sense of the lyrics.

I’ve found that often the singers who obscure their lyrics, have the most to say.

In this case it’s almost poetic. There’s strong symbolism in the words that evoke emotions from very deep places, it almost sucks the air from your lungs at times.

This song has become my favorite. It shows more depth and complexity. It’s a sad song, but like all great sad songs it’s hopeful and tinged with optimism.

Swimming in the Flood, (2010).

I’ll leave it there and hope you’re more inclined to check out the other tracks, I’ve made the cover a link to the album in iTunes– just to make it easy for you.