Pirate Radio Soundtrack

This is a newcomer to my list of favorites. After seeing the movie, I was enchanted with Pirate Radio (2009).

It captures the rebellious spirit of the time utilizing the full spectrum of available tunes.

This movie takes place in England, mid-60’s when rock was just coming up. You get a mix of soul, folk, pop and rock from this era. These were the days when people listened to really good music. Here’s a little taste:

This first one’s a cover– but an insanely fabulous cover that stays pretty true to the original.

Duffy, Stay With Me Baby.

The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon.

Cat Stevens, Father and Son.

The Troggs, With a Girl Like You.

Ok, this is just too funny… what a goofy face he makes!

I hope these songs inspire you to be a little silly and stop taking life so seriously. Get a little wild, shake it up and make a scene… that’s what rock ‘n’ roll is all about!