Marie Antoinette Soundtrack

Another soundtrack I am particularly fond of is from Marie Antoinette (2006).

Sophia Coppola strings together

80’s new wave, classical and posh rock of the 21st century into a cool set of songs that foster reckless abandon and decadence.

We’re all familiar with the history and we usually defend the ideas of the Third Estate– but for an hour or so while listening to this soundtrack, we are seduced into the hedonistic, royal lifestyle portrayed in the film.

The Strokes, What Ever Happened?

New Order, Ceremony.

Adam & The Ants, Kings of the Wild Frontier.

If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it. I compare it to spending an hour in a magic castle bounce-house, filled with cotton candy and jewlery– yes it’s a fluff film, but sometimes we all need a little escapism to deal with reality.