Young the Giant

Have you ever kicked yourself for waiting so long to buy an album once you’ve realized how great a band is?

That’s how I feel about Young the Giant. The first few times I heard them I was intrigued, but for some reason I was trigger-shy when it came to making the purchase.

I recently bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did.

Their self-titled album is fresh and revealing. With quivering vocals that beg you to sing along and tempos that make it hard to sit still.

Songs like “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” are anthems to the nightlife and the consequential invincibility that goes along with it.

Despite the pep of the first few tracks, Young the Giant pull off some pretty thoughtful tunes like “God Made Man” which proves to be and introspective confession.

All in all I give this album 8/10. Really solid tracks with variation and substance.

My Body, (2010).

Cough Syrup, (2010).

Apartment, (2010).

I Got, (2010).

God Made Man, (2010).