Vampire Weekend

It’s funny how sometimes a name really describes a band, and then others it just doesn’t… at all?

You’d think Vampire Weekend alludes to gothic, pale kids that like to cut themselves, but you couldn’t possibly be any further from the truth.

Considering Ryan Adams took the time to say something to the effect of …

Vampire Weekend are one of the most important bands of our generation

…and then go on to cover multiple VW songs…well, it says a lot.

Not only are VW a lively, happy, chipper bunch, who look like they’ve spent all their Summers playing tennis on Martha’s Vineyard, they write complex poetic lyrics that hint at social norms and oddities.  The lyrics never stand out in their native form, but when Ryan Adams slows it down and gives each word its due attention, they take on a different meaning.

Just compare these two songs:

Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma, (2008)

 Ryan Adams, Oxford Comma, (2011).

  Aside from their fantastic music, VW have some incredible videos, only rivaled by OKGO. They are highly entertaining.

Check out this star-studded video:

Giving Up the Gun, (2010).

Holiday, (2010).

Mansard Roof, (2008).

And here is their first, big hit…

A-Punk, (2008).