Born Ruffians


Angsty, new age punk with introspective lyrics and pop rhythms.

I’ve acquired all three of the Born Ruffians albums in the last two months and have listened to them on repeat over and over again… and there’s not one song I don’t like.

These Canadian rockers manage to stick to their own style while making songs that are different and special in unique ways.

With sweet love songs like Little Garçon and Foxes Mate for Life to self reflective anthems like I Need a Life and Dancing on the Edge of Our Graves, they’ll have you singing along in no time. If I had to say what they sound like, I’d say a little like the Violent Femmes, the Talking Heads,and The Strokes–but with a little of that beachy, indie, punk sound.

Wow. I love this band.

red, yellow, blue.

Red, Yellow & Blue, 2008.

say it

Say It, 2010.


Birthmarks, 2013.

Here are a few of my favorites, although this was a very difficult task to narrow down to so few.

I Need a Life (2008). Lyrics.

Little Garçon (2008). Lyrics.

Sole Brother (2010). Lyrics.

This one’s off the new album. I rock out to this song in my car on full volume. It starts a little slow and then goes nuts!

Rage Flows (2013).

Cold Pop (2013).