Ok, so here’s the deal: I love music.

It’s the only thing I think I would just fall into despair without.

I know, I know– a bit extreme. But it’s true.


I really want to be able to share the stuff I love with others. I know it’s hard to convince people to listen to new stuff–generally– but it’s the task I’ve chosen.

A lot of music blogs and magazines will tell you all the biographical data on a band or musician, but that’s not my thing. Instead, I’ll tell you how the music makes me feel and why I love it so. That’s more important to me. And this is after all, my blog.

So take a look around, click on the links, listen to the songs, watch the videos. SHARE. Sharing is what it’s all about.  And then have a great day with new, magical songs stuck in your head.  Your welcome.

You can expect to find original content including video interviews and live performances of some local bands. All in good time. That’s my promise to you… the 12 of you who follow my blog ; )


Music defines the moments of our lives, why not make those moments distinct?

I love finding new songs, artists or albums. It’s the easiest way to go on a new adventure.

It’s important to expand our musical taste because through a shared appreciation of music, we better relate to one another.

Music is modern poetry. We can relate our lives to the artist and try to make sense of the experiences we have.