Every once in a while you come across a CD that just blows you away, and everyone you give it to loves it just the same.

I figure by now most of you have already heard of The Black Keys, but a friend of mine recently told me of her shock that someone had never heard of them.  I only starting listening to them in the past year or so, but quickly became a fan.

The Black Keys have been around since the late 90’s and have released a lot of CDs but the one I’m most in love with is Brothers (2010)– start to finish it is hands-down amazing.

A friend of mine first played this CD for me one really hot day last summer by the pool. We rocked out to the tiny speakers of her iPod tapping our feet in the blazing hot sun.The first track of Brothers seduces you into a dark, gritty, whisky and cigarette drenched world. Thick beats and falsetto vibrato alongside electronic distortion make for a perfect combination setting the mood for a bad ass, sexier-than-hell attitude.

Everlasting Light.

In contrast, here’s a sweet little du-wop diddy reminiscent of The Supremes. Complex and deep, simple and sweet– love is all of these. This is definitely my favorite. 

Never Gonna Give You Up.

My favorite line comes from this song: “Someone said true love is dead, and now I’m bound to fall for you.” This video is pretty cute too.

Tighten Up.

Despite the fact that I can’t quite figure out the relationship to the “Unknown Brother,” I love this song. In my opinion it’s an homage to our fallen friends and family. I don’t think it matters who he’s singing about, the message transcends sibling relations.

Unknown Bother.

Side Note: In compiling this blog I realize there is a need for better music videos. I can’t believe that only one of the songs had a professionally produced video. Sorry for the boring visuals in this post, I’ll work on that.