Sometimes you need a band that just makes you happy–

Toe-tapping, dancing-in-your-seat happy.

I stumbled across the Generationals one night, looking for new music and I was amazed at how quickly I was hooked. Perhaps I have a penchant for this type of band and I’m going  through a phase… but I don’t care, I love it anyway.

This is the kind of band you could play at a party and everyone would enjoy it. Who doesn’t like happy music? I’ll tell you who, people who suck.

Just listen to this song, try and tell me you don’t like it– tell me you don’t tap your toes or have the urge to start moving around.

You can’t.

Carrying the Torch, (2010).

It’s upbeat and fresh without being overdone. There’s a retro vibe that gives a familiar feel to each song– like you’ve uncovered some old vinyl LP, dusted it off and found the sparkling gem that still sounds great when you drop the needle.

I Promise, (2011).

 You Say it Too, (2011).

With so many hooks and jingles, it’s impossible to keep these tunes from playing in your head all day long. They’re so infectious. So here’s one last song, with a cute little video to accompany it– just to seal the deal (please excuse the excessive presence of hipsters).

Trust, (2010).

The Generationals have three albums available, check ’em out!

Con Law, (2009)

Trust EP, (2010)

Actor-Caster, (2011)