Ambulance LTD

In the first few weeks of Spring when the air is still cold and the sunlight catches you from  a farther distance than it should, so that it just barely warms your skin–the music you listen to should do the same,  transition from cold to warm.  Mostly soft and calming, with moments of excitement and building tempo.

Ambulance LTD‘s Album LP, embodies these qualities by culling styles of Sonic Youth, John Lennon and Rod Stewart. Unique and familiar at the same time.

When I first downloaded this CD I fixated on a few songs, which I think is normal. I decided to buy the whole CD because you never know, sometimes a band can really surprise you. Also, I like hearing the compilation as they put it.

I didn’t expect much from this band, since all the songs on the CD seemed to pull from different genre’s. I really liked one song, the initial reason I bought the CD, but the rest took some time to grow on me.

I was listening to five songs and really got into them. Only recently have I become intrigued by the other seven. Even if you only listen to one song from this list I’ve selected, I think you will enjoy your Spring that much more.

Heavy lifting, (2004).

This one has a solid, rock style with up-tempo riffs and pace. It’s got a good beat and gets you moving.

Stay Where You Are, (2004).

This song is slow to start, electronic and progressive. It picks up with an echoing guitar and soft vocals continuously increasing intensity while maintaing a solid rhythm throughout. It’s like waking up in the morning and rubbing the sleep from your eyes. I love the dreamy quality here in this song.

Primitive (The Way I Treat You), (2004).

Immediately it sounds like you’ve stepped into a greasy lounge, walking a thin line to avoid trouble. As the song goes on it seems you’ve brushed up with trouble and managed to sneak off. It’s gritty and tormented.

Anecdote, (2004).

Quite the opposite of the last song, this one sounds like it should have been in the film Rushmore, (1998). I love this song, but I can’t tell if the reason why isn’t because it sounds like a hybrid of Oh Yoko, by John Lennon, and Young Turks, by Rod Stewart. Regardless, it’s fantastic! So happy and light-hearted.

If you want to check out the rest of the CD, Follow this link:

Ambulance LTD, LP (2004).